The interior design programme

Make the heart of Notre-Dame beat again

What makes Notre-Dame de Paris is not only its intricate stonework, high vaults and stained-glass windows. It is not just a pretty architecture. So what is it actually made of ? “Before, in Notre-Dame, there was life”, wrote the Archbishop of Paris some time ago. The life of Notre-Dame: that is what the interior design programme, launched in June 2021, is working to restore. The restoration work, which begun after the building was made safe, must be carried out on two levels: that of the body, both structural and aesthetic – the roof, frame and spire – and that of the heart it conceals. Both aspects are essential to the reopening of the site in 2024.

commémoration du centenaire de l'armistice à Notre-Dame

Six projects for the cathedral

The interior arrangement of Notre-Dame is one of the subjects reflected by the Diocese in consultation with the Ministry of Culture. On December 2021, the programme was approved in principe by the National Heritage and Architecture Commission (CNPA), provided that some adjustments are made. It aims to return the cathedral to worship, and more broadly, to offer a new upgraded tour to the twelve million faithul, pilgrims and tourists welcomed each year.

Six projects are underway to this end:

The five projects still to be financed require fundraising of €6 million from the public. Their funding is strictly separate from the national fundraising for the restoration of the structure.

Created the day after the fire, a collective brought together artists and specialists (museologist, architect, scenographer, art historian, etc.) around the task at hand. Not only does its multi disciplinary approach reflect the various aspects of the programme, but also the mixed nature of every cathedral : architecture of stone, theatre of lights, palace of sounds and music, Notre-Dame is ultimately a sanctum of the deeper sense that those players, by joining forces, strive to bring out in the most respectful way. Their work will be gradually revealed at a rate of two to three projects presented to the donors every year until 2024.

Today more than ever, we need you to support these projects.

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© Photos Étienne Castelein, Yannick Boschat, Notre-Dame de Paris