Make a donation

To support the projects of the Paris Cathedral Fund, several options are possible.

Make a one-off donation

  • By credit card
  • By bank transfer

Make a regular donation

  • By credit card
  • By direct debit (SEPA)

By clicking on the link below, you will access our secure donation page where you can choose the option that suits you by selecting: “Give once” or “Give every month”. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Donations are strictly assigned to the interior arrangements or restoration of the cathedral according to the donor’s wishes. Donations over 50,000 euros are subject to agreement. The Paris Cathedral Fund will be closed once the sums collected have been fully used.

Your tax receipt

A tax receipt will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation, by email or post.

Feel free to contact us if necessary.

Tax deductions

You are an individual

You can deduct 66% of your donation from your income tax, up to a limit of 20% of your net taxable income. If you’re subject to property wealth tax, 75% of the amount of your donation to the Paris Cathedral Fund is deductible from your PWT, up to a limit of €50,000 per year.


You are a business

Your donation lets you benefit from a tax reduction of 60% within the limit of 0.5% of turnover.