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I was able to participate in this beautiful adventure

"Born in 1929 of a generations-old Parisian family, I’ve seen so many events in this cathedral which is the heart of Paris. I won’t see Notre-Dame rebuilt again, but I know now that it will once again watch over Paris and France. Thank you to all who contribute to this resurrection."
Françoise B. (Paris)
"In 2015, I reconnected with Notre-Dame through the concerts of the Maîtrise and the Vocal Ensemble, and from 2016 to 2019, I was one of the regular faithful. I still visit from time to time, from the forecourt, and feel that things are getting better. We’re taking good care of the place and the whole site is coming along nicely!"
Sylvie R. (Arcueil)
"I wish, through this modest contribution, to be part of this immense outpouring of generosity, courage and faith on the part of those who are working to restore Notre-Dame. Whether it was the firefighters who saved it, the craftsmen who give their best […] or all those people who, like me, on the evening of 15 April 2019, felt sadness in their hearts, moved to tears seeing the flames ravaging this marvellous cathedral left to us by our elders."
Jacques F. (Saint-Aubin)
"We are Christians who love the small chapels and beautiful churches in our region of Brittany and elsewhere. As such, we are committed to making our contribution to the reconstruction. To be part of this challenge, a testimony for future centuries, is exhilarating."
Marie-Thérèse et Joseph B. (Bouchemaine)
"As a native of Reims, currently living in Orléans, cathedrals are part of my life. They are a testimony, an open book for future generations. Thank you for your actions to restore Notre-Dame's radiance with a touch of modernity."
Henri P. (Saint-Denis-en-Val)
"I answer your call, having been deeply affected by this disaster. Yes, the cathedral will live forever. Thank you to all those who work tirelessly on its renovation. May the Lord and Our Lady be with them."
Claudine L. (France)
"Notre-Dame de Paris is more important to us than ever, and the pain is deep faced with the fire that took place. […] We’re all so grateful to the firefighters of Paris to see it standing, ready to be restored, and for saving the Treasure of Notre-Dame and the Holy Crown of Thorns."
Georges F. (Nanterre)
"I was confirmed on 23 May 2015 in our beautiful cathedral. When I saw the fire at Notre-Dame, I cried all evening. In the morning, I watched the TV images and was relieved to see the statue of the Virgin and Child and the Cross still standing. For me, it was a beacon of hope."
Nathalie C. (Paris)
“Notre-Dame, you are resplendent again, the work is continuing and we will restore all your splendour. When I think of you, I feel your breath, your breathing, you are alive, surrounded by your luminous aura. I thank all those who work to bring you back to good health. Notre-Dame, I send you my love, my gratitude, my goodwill. Thank you."
Philippe B. (France)
"My paternal grandfather was an engraver and stonemason. He would have been proud that his grandson could join this great work of restoration, as a donor. Yes, everyone, in prayer and thanksgiving, can contribute to this reconstruction which goes beyond our human lives. My thoughts go out to the staff of this magnificent cathedral as well as all those involved in this collective effort."
Dominique B. (France)
"Like many people around the world, the fire of April 2019 affected and upset me tremendously. My nine-year-old granddaughter gave a presentation to her class on the fire and subsequent work on the cathedral. Thank you to all the teams working on the renovation of our cathedral. Being born in Paris, I joined in many ceremonies in the sacred place that is Notre-Dame."
Marie-Françoise B. (Quebec)
"One summer evening at dusk, I rested my cheek on the cool stone of a pillar. I put my arms around it, and felt the heart of Notre-Dame beating!"
Dominique M. (Cosne-sur-Loire)
"Pentecost 1947/1948, we left Notre-Dame where our hearts had prayed and sung. We would leave during these Pentecosts, in chapters, still praying, by train for Dourdan, where we got off to walk to Chartres. Nothing stood in the way of our Faith then. The war had just ended, we were young and happy. Whenever doubt seizes me at the dawn of my 90th birthday, I see that crucifix erected in the choir, in front of a void full of ashes. It’s a sign."
Françoise P. (Vienne)
"On 15 April 2019 I was in Japan, and when at breakfast one of us said "did you see, there was a fire at Notre-Dame", no one believed it was so serious, except that, when we saw the images, there was silence in the dining room and our hearts sank... When I returned, I spent several days watching all the broadcasts, all the reports on the fire, and it always has the same effect on me, when the spire collapses, my tears flow."
Joëlle C.. (Lyon)
"Paris, 26 September 1949, saw me born here.
Paris, 15 April 2019, horror live on TV news, Notre Dame is burning. It was heartbreaking to see. As soon as possible, we have to join forces.
That is why today, I’m using this message to call on the world for help, because this jewel which embodies France must be reborn."
Patrick H.. (Le Pian-Médoc)

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Please select a sum or an amount!

Your donation will only actually cost you 17 after IR tax deduction of 66%.